The Sculptor

This is the book I chose for the ‘profession’ category of my whimsical reading challenge.


I’m a bit of crime fiction junkie but I often end up getting bored with those authors that keep churning out books about the same characters fighting the same crimes. I had no real expectations because I’d never even heard of Gregory Funaro but The Sculptor was a breath of fresh air (well, stagnant corpse filled air really)… I really enjoyed it!

The characters were vivid (sometimes endearing, sometimes horrifying) which is a big selling point in my opinion; we all want to read books that make us feel something, whether it be love or revulsion.The story was very original and I thought it had the right balance of the disturbing and the fluffy. This was definitely not just a regurgitation of an episode of CSI although it wouldn’t surprise me if they wrote an episode based on this book) Admittedly there were some sections where the ‘intuitive leaps’ taken by the investigators were a little hard to follow, but all in all it was a great book. I learnt a lot about Michelangelo’s art too, which was an added bonus! I’d definitely recommend this if you’re a crime drama obsessive like me, but maybe not if you’re sensitive to a bit of gruesome imagery…

So tell me, been reading anything good this week?

D x


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