The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud

This is the book I read for the “Boy’s Name” category of my whimsical reading challenge.

Charlie St Cloud

In brief, I'd describe this book as short and sweet. It only took me a day or so to get through (and that was reading at a leisurely pace, not feverish reading in every spare second). Sherwood conjures a world full of those eccentric characters that make for great TV. The subtle undercurrent of the supernatural was an added bonus, as I had no idea what the book was about before I started reading. I think from the cover I might have been expecting something Nicholas Sparks-y.

The one thing I must stress is that it's much, much, better than the film. I had an unfortunate incident at the weekend when I sat down to watch it with… I suffer from that well-known mental disorder known as ‘Reader Regurgitation’ and proceeded to tell my boyfriend every single minor detail that didn’t live up to the book. Needless to say, that is not why he loves me. There’s no point even apologising, because we all know it’s going to happen again at some point!

Anyway, back to Charlie St Cloud… it’s a good read. It has a few heartbreaking moments but ends on an optimistic note (which is the only reason I can tolerate the sadness… in general I’m a ‘happy endings’ girl).

Any ideas what you’ll be reading for your “Boy’s Name” book? For a few other suggestions, read this post.

D x


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