Inky Doodles – Filling up space

Today I thought I’d share the pages from the second ‘Inky Doodles’ lesson. This one was all about filling up space. The techniques Michelle shared included adding a cityscape, adding text and breaking up a page before filling with doodles. Here’s what I came up with:


I’m not crazy about the text page, it’s just a lot plainer than I’d usually go for…


A cityscape is not something I’d usually doodle, but I actually really like this page. The warm colours create a sunsetty effect that I’m liking right now…


These two doodle-intense pages are much more ‘me’. There’s something so therapeutic about doodling without a plan, I love it! I wouldn’t describe either page as an artistic masterpiece but that’s not really what an art journal is all about.


See you soon!

D x


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