Whimsical Reading – Illness


Hello, hello, and how are you today?

I’m back for my weekly feature of sharing some reading suggestions inspired by my whimsical reading challenge. When I started planning what to read for each category I remember there was one that stuck out to me: illness. Unless you’re going to read a non-fictional book about an actual illness then it’s a bit tricky trying to find one suitable. However, after racking my brains for a couple of weeks, and employing a little poetic license I have come up with a few for you:

1. Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
TO BE READ. This one seems like the most obvious choice for this category (and I say this because it’s the only one I could think of to start with). I bought a copy of this a while ago because it’s supposed to be one of the greats, but I find myself feeling a bit ‘meh’ about actually reading it. In fact, I carried it around in my handbag for a week without getting past the third page.

2. Frank Sinatra has a cold and other stories by Guy Talese
You may or may not have noticed that I generally condemn short stories. Often they annoy me beyond belief. This book, however, is a gem. Although technically these are more like essays or articles, I’m counting the book as a win for the short story movement. For more of my (undoubtedly profound) opinions check out my review.

3. Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby
This is one great author. He’s down to earth, he’s hilarious, his writing style sucks you in so that before you know it you’re almost done. Fever Pitch is good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not my favourite of his books. I loved About a Boy, but my favourite has to be High Fidelity and luckily for me, there are still a decent amount I haven’t read yet!

4. Plague of Hearts by Patrick Whittaker
TO BE READ. This is a book set in Wonderland and I’ve read about a quarter of it. I think I downloaded it for free from feedbooks.com when I first got my Kindle, but I ended up getting distracted by set books and never ended up finishing… From what I remember, the story was pretty good and the characters were great, but the writing style seemed a little iffy in places.

5. That Mad Ache by Francoise Sagan
TO BE READ. One of my favourite books of all time is Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan, and this one promises to be more of the same. There’s just something so melancholic, so nostalgic, so FRENCH about her writing… I just can’t get enough! I’m scouring all my favourite second-hand bookshops for this one, if I don’t get lucky soon I may even have to brave Waterstones!

So, have you managed to come up with any book titles with an illness in the title? If you have, or if you’ve been taking part in the reading challenge with me, leave me a comment below. Remember there’s no time restriction wih this, so you can join any time!

D x


One thought on “Whimsical Reading – Illness

  1. I’ve got Love in the Time of Cholera down for this category too & I have to say, picking the book up, I feel a bit the same way. I did read 100 Years of Solitude years ago, by the same author, and remember finding it totally confusing and not at all enjoyable (despite the fact that it is one of the ‘greats’). I’m hoping to feel differently about LITC, but I can imagine it creeping down my tbr pile until it’s the last clue to check off!

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