Today I’m going to share another art journal page with you. This was a product of Jane Davenport‘s Life Book lesson, which was all about ‘unstumpifying’ the female figure:


These are not colours I would typically use together but I love them! I love the swirliness of the figure in the background, someone told me the other day that she looks like an octopus, and now I can’t help but compare her to Ursula from The Little Mermaid… There’s something about the other girl that I’m not too keen on but I can’t quite put my finger on it… something about the shape of the body doesn’t seem quite right…

But I suppose that’s the beauty of creating something whimsical right? It doesn’t matter if things are a bit wonky!

Have a great weekend (and think of me while I’m toiling away at my next assignment)

D x


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