BLOG HOP – Movies

Today I have decided to engage in my first ever blog hop. And already I have encountered a problem… The idea is to post your top ten films of all time, and I have discovered that I’m completely unable to do that. I like too many films. My second problem is that I’ve finally had to accept that I have pretty abysmal taste in almost everything.

Top Ten
(in no particular order)

1. Heathers
Think Mean Girls but with shoulder pads. And murder.heathers

2. Practical Magic
Watching this always makes me feel better, I just adore it. Plus Nicole Kidman has really great hair.practical magic

3. Forrest Gump
Epic is an understatement.forrest gump

4. Moulin Rouge
Genius! Fab mashups, fab costumes, fab elephant-house thingy. Plus, it made me cry.moulin rouge

5. Breakfast Club
Best. Detention. Ever.breakfast club

6. The Fifth Element
When DVD players first came out I used to watch this with my Grandad. I’m not sure if I love it because it’s amazing or because I’m nostalgic. Possibly both.5th element

7. The Patriot
Nobody ever remembers this film but I have seen it sooo many times. Heath Ledger and Mel Gibson, need I say more. the patriot

8. Blade
See, I liked vampires before they got pathetic. No offence Twilight.blade

9. Girl, Interrupted
I love crazy people and this film sums up why. Angelina shines as Crazy Lisa and comes out with some of my all time favourite movie quotes. Watch and see.girl interrupted

10. Any of the first three American Pies
No explanation needed. Classic.american pie

Top Five Six Guilty Pleasures:

1. Road trip

road trip

I literally could not stop laughing at this. And I do not have an attractive laugh.

2. John Tucker Must Die

john tucker

Don’t lie, we’ve all thought about it.

3. Ice Age

ice age

I looove it. I used to watch this over and over with my baby brother and I still think it’s hilarious!

4. Cruel Intentions

cruel intentions

Modern twist on Dangerous Liaisons… sooo evil!

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

10 things

You know what it’s about, we’ve all seen it. Very, very teenage, but sometimes so am I. Plus, Heath Ledger sings.

6. Grease


If you tell me you don’t know all the words, you’re lying.

This was by no means easy, I leaving out some films I adore (Lord of the Rings, X-Men, many a musical…) but I had to stop somewhere. what do you think of my choices? Tell me a couple of your faves, or (because it’s more fun) those you hate to own up to.

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D x

(All images borrowed from imdb)


9 thoughts on “BLOG HOP – Movies

  1. I love some of your choices – Fifth Element is fantastic, as are Practical Magic, Forest Gump (I cry every time), Blade and the Breakfast Club. Ice Age is also utterly brilliant and as for Grease, okay, yeah, I know the words :). I know a lot of the words to Grease 2 as well, how’s that for owning up? 😉

  2. Great list and I love your honorable mentions! If you liked Road Trip, you need to see EuroTrip and Sex Drive (if you haven’t already). Both stupid and hilarious.

  3. Wow! The first list I have run into that I share Heathers with…fantastic! I love it. Fifth Element was good but I like everything with Bruce Willis in it.

    Breakfast Club…awesome detention movie, “you mess with the bull you get the horns”.

    And if you don’t tell anyone I will admit to liking Moulin as well!!

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

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