Life Book Faces

Some art journal pages are like stand-alone works of art, other are pure experimentation… playing with alternative subject matter or new materials. My latest Life Book page falls into the second category. The instructor for this lesson was Danita, and she showed us a technique using gesso, water-soluble crayons and magazine images. I’ve only just added gesso and water-soluble crayons to my art corner, so it was good to get a bit of practice using them… I really like the effect of blending the crayons with gesso, I’ll definitely use that on future artyness.

This is the page I created:


I used an ad from a magazine as the base for this, some artists would call that cheating but I disagree. If Frida Kahlo could do, I can do it! Sometimes if you’re feeling really uninspired, doing a bit of ‘cutting and sticking’ really helps spark an idea or two, and if you’re not too confident with drawing things from scratch (especially faces) then this technique might give you the boost you need.

Have a great weekend, it can’t come quickly enough for me!

D x


4 thoughts on “Life Book Faces

  1. Hi there! Yes, your pic really looks like a Freda! Isn’t Tam’s workshop great. I’m loving it too. Now, your pic. Those eyes are mystically amazing. I love the pic. It looks like (omg) what is her name – she was an older – back in the day – gorgeous actress in the league with Sophia Loren. This so reminds me of her! You did a stellar job. Danita is amazing eh! Way to go. Lovies, Samara… Happy Balzering!! lol

  2. I don’t think it’s cheating-you gave her another look in your style and palette! She looks like a very striong minded woman.Well done Daire!

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