Heart Connections

The next Life Book page I’m going to share with you is from Tam‘s Week 10 lesson:


There are so many layers to this background. I start off journaling about all the people and things I feel a connection with and then built up layers of paint and collage (the green pattern was done with a handmade foam stamp). The heart is made of rolled up pieces of paper. Each one has a little message on the inside, but they’re just for me… no reading allowed! I added bits of painted tissue paper to round of the edges and fill in any little gaps between the roles, and then sprinkled on a teensy bit of glitter for some shimmer.

I don’t usually make 3D pages, but I do like this one. I’ll have to tear it out of my sketch book though or I won’t be able to work on the rest of the pages. It doesn’t really matter though as I’m planning on binding my Life Book pages together at the end of the year.

I’m gonna link up to Art Journal Every Day – head over there to check out some other cool arty things!

D x


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