Celebration & Connection

‘Celebration and Connection’ is the name of Mindy Lacefield‘s whimsical Life Book lesson. It’s loosely based on the words of the people in life who inspire you. I journaled a little about the loves in my life to jumpstart my inspiration before cracking those paints out. You should check out Mindy’s website for some very beautiful, dreamlike art (she also offers a handful of workshop that I’m itching to have a go at!)

This is the page I created:


I absolutely ADORE the background, I will DEFINITELY be using those techniques again. I didn’t mimic the style of face Mindy paints but now I wish I did… I really don’t like my girls. They just seem flat and dull and kind of miserable… I did enjoy the process though, and like I said, I think the background looks fab. Because I’m not completely satisfied with this one, I think I’ll work through this lesson again at some point (the good thing about Life Book is that you can download the videos and keep them FOREVER).

Have a great weekend guys,

D x


2 thoughts on “Celebration & Connection

  1. I too love that background and your figures do not look dull to me, in fact they look quite lively and soft. xox

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