De-stressing with Doodles

Sometimes when I get home from work, and I’ve done the studying I need to do, and I’ve checked my emails, and I’ve made dinner (etc etc) I just don’t have the energy to create what I call ‘real art’. ‘Real art’ is that which you would proudly show people. The stuff you plan. Sometimes the stuff that stems from art classes. Sometimes the journal pages that have a lot of work and love put into them. But on the days I can’t face ‘real art’, I doodle.

These doodle pages are usually the ones I’d flick past if I was looking through an old journal but they also tend to be the ones I get the most out of. Sometimes your brain is whirring into overdrive, and making repetitive shapes, patterns and really helps your mind empty. Sometimes if you’ve had a stress-infused day, scribbling furiously brings the calm.

Here are a few of those pages:


This one started of as a rough painting of a fairy stood over a lake (done to use up excess paint on my palette). I pretty much hated it so I covered it in gesso circles and donut shapes. The doodles were done in india ink with a fine brush and then coloured with a variety of markers.


This page started as a bunch of colourful washes and again, the doodles were india ink. I think this was one of the first things I ever doodles using ink, so it’s far from perfect but I just love it. I added more colours using Prismacolor pencils (colouring in – don’t laugh at me, but it’s a great way to de-stress!)


This is a spread in a journal that I made from an old encyclopedia (hence the text in the background). The first layer is a swipe of acrylic paint and the image was drawn with india ink (it’s strange that all three images I picked were done in india ink… it’s really not something I use that often! I used watersoluble crayons (blended with gesso) to add colour.

So this is how I chill out, how do you?

D x


14 thoughts on “De-stressing with Doodles

    • I didn’t look at it like that… but I think it would look good on fabric. It might be a bit beyond my embroidery skills though, I don’t have enough patience for that!

  1. These are really beautiful. Yes, I doodle like you because like you, I have a 40 hr work week. I have found recently that just plain cutting(or ripping) and pasting(or gluing) is also very relaxing. Because I copy much of my art to use over and over again, I have simply say on the couch with cardstock or a journal and glued my torn papers making a background for something I may come back to on another day. It’s also pretty relaxing- de-stressing, non-thinking.

    • Ooh I might try that! The thing I love about doodling is that you get two therapy sessions in one… the first as you sit and mindlessly doodle, the second as you sit and mindlessly colour in your doodles x

  2. Love the doodling. I find it relaxing, too. I love the donut/circle pages that were painted over another page. Sometimes the accidents become our favorite pages. The circles and bright colors made me smile when I saw it.

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