A Series of Quirky Birds

Today I have another Life Book page to share with you. This was a lesson by Life Book’s founder Tamara Laporte, and it was a lot of fun! The page is in a slightly different format than usually, rather than working a normal A4 sketchbook page we made an accordion page (which is just a page that folds out in the style of an accordion):


The idea was to create a layered backgrounds and draw a series of whimsical birds before adding some grounding words (these could be song lyrics, poetry, our own thoughts, a famous quote… anything). I used some lyrics from this song.

Here are the close-ups of my little birds:

DSCN1722 DSCN1723 DSCN1724 DSCN1725

I really enjoyed creating this spread. The background had so many layers and yet was so easy to work on, and I liked having smaller boxes to fill (sometimes large pages can be a bit intimidating). I love the way that the text and borders have been added, but there is one thing I don’t like too much… the birds. I just think they all look a bit… stoned. I think I might experiment with birds a bit more until I get them ‘right’.

Have a great weekend,

D x


8 thoughts on “A Series of Quirky Birds

  1. Hi There! I did this workshop and your birdies are beyond gorgeous and intriguing and exciting! They are nothing like the originals, which excites me when I see them because the little gaffers are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I just get all fluttery thinking these little beings could be out there! lol (maybe they think we look like this! haha) But the point, they made me laugh, smile, awwww…all the things Tam wanted….you succeeded at. Cuttttttteeeeee!

    • Ha ha thank you Samara! I like to think dreamy little creatures like these exist somewhere… even if it’s only in my brain! I’m hopping over to your blog right now to have a look at yours!

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