Island of the Sequined Love Nun

The theme of this week’s ‘book chat‘ is ‘strange books’. Picking a book to talk about here depends entirely on your definition of strange. If we’re going for strange-disturbing or strange-baffling then I’d go for Diary by Chuck Palaniuk. I’ve decided to look at a book that is more… strange-original and strange-amusing: Island of the sequined Love Nun. The title alone says it all…


This book tells the story of Tucker Case, a pilot who breaks his penis after crashing a pink jet. (first strange thing) He then makes his way to a tropical island with a cross-dressing gigolo and a talking bat (second and third strange thing), only to be strung up by a cannibal (fourth strange thing) before being delivered to a high-tech research facility in the middle of the island. Add in some weapon toting Japanese thugs, a homicidal doctor, a giant conspiracy, a stripping Stepford wife, a cult that prays to a god named Vincent and a bunch of sharks… well, you have one strange book on your hands.

It’s great fun, very entertaining and completely unpredictable. I’d definitely recommend to anyone who want something enjoyable to read… and I’ve downloaded the rest of his books onto my Kindle… it looks like he’s written a few vampirey things that look quite good.

So what’s the strangest book you’ve ever read?

D x


2 thoughts on “Island of the Sequined Love Nun

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