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Hellooo and here we are on day 4 of Blog Every Day in May! Today’s prompt is to tell us about five blogs you love and why.

Now, I read quite a lot of blogs. There are blogs I’ve read consistently for years, but today I’m not going to talk to you about these long-term loves. Today, I’m going to talk about my new love interests… they may turn out to be springtime flings, or we may have something more enduring. And as I’ve really wrung everything I can can out of that metaphor, I’m going to make a start (in no particular order):

First we have Satchels and Pearls which is written by my (actual, real life, not just in cyber-space) friend Michelle. It’s a bit of a hybrid fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog and I love the way she writes… it’s literally like having a conversation with her. And although she is responsible for the bulk of my ‘wish list’, I still keep going back for more. She reviewed this bunny shaped lip gloss the other day that I just want and need. It’s shaped like a BUNNY!

I Believe in Story is a combination of the literary and the lifestyle and I just love that it gets delivered to my inbox every couple of days. The aesthetics are great, and a lot of her posts inspire ideas for posts of my own. The down side is that as quickly as I’m working through my reading list, she keeps adding more to it.

Domestic Sluttery not only has a great name, it features one of the greatest things in life… great recipes. I’d describe it as a home and lifestyle blog, with a bit of interior design, food, travel and style… kind of like Pinterest in written form. And seriously, there are some Pistachio and White Chocolate Cupcakes on there that have my name on them.

Indigo Buttons is just great. Kirsty is absolutely hilarious… she shares some great pictures and just has this great tone. I stumbled across her on Twitter and now she’s on my daily to-read list. She’s one of the few bloggers that I could actually imagine being friends with… a lot of them scare me but her down-to-earth writing really makes you want to come back every time.

Jennibellie‘s blog is one of my absolute all time favourites. She posts a lot about her creative journey and does artist interviews too which are really interesting. She has hundreds of crafty video tutorials and she shares everything for free, which seems to be a real rarity in the art blog world. I just love her attitude towards art journaling, as it’s pretty much my own (i.e. it should be inexpensive, we should share, and we should credit others when necessary).

So these are some of my more recent bloggy discoveries, and no doubt I’m going to discover lots and LOTS more as I work my way through everyone else’s BEDM posts… but for now my study break is over. Back to work!

D x


6 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. I love Kirsty’s Indigo Buttons! She almost featured on my ‘Five Fave Blogs’ list – it’s an incredibly difficult topic to choose just five isn’t it? x

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