Food, Glorious, Food

Today I’m celebrating two weeks of blogging every day with Rosalilium, and the latest topic is (you’ve guessed it) Food, Glorious, Food.

I love food, the eating and the cooking.


[Invention test style cooking – homemade veggie burgers]

I love recipe books.

dahl levi jamie hummingbird

[Just a few from my personal collection]

I love watching cooking shows.


[A current favourite, but I also love Come Dine With Me, Masterchef and anything Jamie/Nigella/Ramsay]

I love collecting ideas on Pinterest.

smores  ice cream quesadillas

But for some reason I don’t love sharing my food on here. Maybe it’s because I have a teeny-tiny kitchen that doesn’t lend itself to great photography. Or maybe it’s because I have a teeny-tiny amount of spare time that stops me from being able to experiment with new things.  Either way, I’m hoping this will soon change.

I’m currently in the market for a house, and number one on my list of demands is a decent sized kitchen. I’m already fantasising about some of the fabulous things I’ll be a brewing in there…

So I wanted to ask you, what kind of recipes would you be most interested in seeing from me?

[If you take a second to answer this question, I’d really appreciate your feedback!]

D x

P.S. I’m also linking this up to the ‘Daily Post’ Writing Challenge (using forms creatively).


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