Best Friends

Well I’ve made it to day 18 of the Blog Every Day in May challenge hosted by Rosalilium (although this post is a little later than usual… I’ve been in Leicester all day) and today’s theme is Best Friends.

I have had a lot of ‘best friends’ over the years, but looking back, none of these were really ‘best’ for me. I’ve had people who’ve hooked up with my boyfriends. People who believe every little rumour they hear and then drop me like a spider encrusted slice of cake. People who forgot about me when I moved to Spain. People who forgot about me when I moved back to England. People who forgot about me the second they (and later I) waded into the murky abyss of the ‘long term relationship’.

But through the stress of making friends and losing friends, I’ve managed to uncover a few gems. Could I pick one and say that is my BEST friend? No, because they all are. If I didn’t consider them ‘best’ then they wouldn’t even be considered ‘friends’. I’m picky like that.

What’s so special about these people? Why do they make the list? These are the people I will always be able to count on. They’d back me up in a dance off, a fist fight or a family drama. They’re the people I can be completely honest with. The people I never have to fear judgement from. The people I love.

So (in order of meeting them) we have:



He is technically my ex in the sense we ‘went out’ for two weeks when I was fourteen. As we now live in different countries our friendship is mostly carried out online (God Bless Facebook) and he is probably the one person in the world I could talk to about absolutely ANYTHING. Maybe that’s just because our communication are all online, but I like to think we’re kindred spirits.



Hannah and her family are straight out of a musical, being at their house is amazing! This girl is my moral compass; whenever I’m in a questionable situation I always think ‘would Hannah be ashamed of me if I did this?’ and if the answer is YES, then I just don’t do it. She’s also a great writer, check out her blog here.



This is a person who inspires me on a daily basis. She’s twenty-one years old and she’s had a baby, a marriage and a lot of hell to deal with but she still manages to approach life with an astounding amount of courage, a huge smile and huger attitude. Plus she writes poetry with swear words in.



I remember the night I met Michelle. I’d just come back off holiday to discover one of my friends had got engaged to someone none of us had ever met. When he brought this pink haired creature to dinner, I was determined to be suspicious and surly, but as it turns out it was love at first margarita! Check out her blog here.



Millie is my most recent adoption, and she’s the closest to me both in geography and in every other way. As much as I adore the other, Millie is the only one I actually see all the time- we go for lunch, we have non-awkward couple dates and we’d be there for each other in a second. She’s the first person I’d call in a crisis and I hope she’d say the same about me.

All I can say is that I’m incredibly grateful to have these guys.


[These doodles a purely to represent them, I thought it would be more appreciated than stealing pics from their Facebook pages. And I can only apologise, I’m crap at drawing people!]

D x

P.S. The sappiness will wear off, I’ll be back to my usual caustic self by tomorrow!

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