Paint & Pass

Today’s blogging theme from Rosalilium is all about Favourite Traditions. I really don’t have any, so today I’m going to go off topic.

At the beginning of the year I signed up for a project called ‘Paint & Pass’ on The Glitterhood art network (previously known as Wild Soul Arts). The idea is that we would all buy or make an art journal and send it to the next person on a list of about eight people.  They then create a spread, before sending it on to the next person. At the end of the year we’ll get our journal back, and they’ll be filled with lots of exciting arty goodies.

I absolutely couldn’t wait to get started, I think this is such a great idea. And because everybody approaches art journaling in such a different way, I’m expecting to soak up lots of inspiration along the way!

When the first journal arrived I fell in love. It was a Strathmore Series 200 book and the paper was so thick and smooth I just wanted to keep it forever (but I didn’t, I promise). The owner of the journal wrote a little welcome note on the first page and asked us to ‘sign in’ by adding a butterfly to her painting. This is mine:


The main page I created was a complete experiment… I love the background but the face looks kind of… creepy. The colours are cool but she seems a bit zombie-like… maybe she’s just high!


Like I always say, I’m not too fussed if I don’t love the end result… the process is the part that I find fun. Having said that, the good part about doing the ‘Paint & Pass’ is that after I mail it off, I don’t have the option of going back to it and obsessing over it (which I tend to do!)

This is the first time I’ve actually ‘got rid’ of something I’ve made, and I’m quite surprised I was so ok with it… maybe it’s because the page was so imperfect?

How about you? Do you get massively attached to the things you create or are you fine with giving them away?

D x


One thought on “Paint & Pass

  1. I don’t think she looks creepy at all. And she has good, strong eyebrows.

    Unless I am making a project to give to a specific person, I’m finding that I do have a hard time giving them away.

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