In The Fridge

Today is the 24th day of the Blog Every Day in May challenge and the prompt is to describe what’s in your fridge.

Unfortunately this has caught me right at that time of the month when we’re not quite ready to do a big shop, but still really don’t have anything decent in stock. For today I’m being faithful to the prompt though, so here you go:

Half a bowl of tropical salad * half a jar of gherkins * a tub of marge * a pineapple wrapped in clingfilm * a bottle of Black Tower (white wine) * a bottle of Mateus (rose wine) * butter * portabello mushrooms * two Pink Lady apples * the end of a block of cheddar * reduced fat coleslaw * humous (that needs throwing out) * two eggs * three Activia Intensely Creamy coconut flavoured yoghurts * a packet of grapes (that seems to have dissolved) * a pack of beef mince * a packet of pitta bread * a tub of quark * a packet of pork sausages * one tomato * four carrots * two peppers * a bottle of milk * an empty bag that used to house onions * a jar of lemon curd * a squeezey lemon * a jar of homemade (not by me) apricot and apple jam * half a jar of hibiscus flowers * a bottle of garlic mayo * a tube of crushed chilli * a tube of crushed garlic

As you can see… a lot of randomness! I’m anticipating a fair few ‘invention test’ style meals over the next week or so… So what would you guys cook if this stuff was in your Ready, Steady, Cook bag?

I can’t wait to have a nosey into the other BEDM bloggers’ fridges… although I bet I’ll be getting some food envy!
D x


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