So this is day number 25 of the Blog Every Day in May challenge I’m taking part in this month and today the prompt is Music Love. What are your 5 favourite albums and why? I can’t wait to read the rest of the posts, I’m sure I’ll find some great new music!

Only problem is, I don’t think I can come up with my top 5 albums… living in a world of Youtube and ITunes, I very rarely listen to full albums anymore… I’ll pick out a few songs that I like and shove them on a playlist, but it’s not like the old days when I used to put on a CD and play if for hours and hours.

Instead, I thought I’d share the last 5 albums I’ve listened to from start to finish:

The Music of Nashville: Original Soundtrack (Season 1, Volume 1)

The soundtrack to one of my new TV faves – all original songs, all sang by the actors on the show. The CD was an anniversary present from boyfriend and I just love it, I’ve listened to it over and over and over. I’ve never really listened to a lot of Country music, but I actually may have a new love…

Wait for this Day to Grow Old – Tom Skelly

This is an album was written and sung by somebody I went to school with and is genuinely amazing! It’s soo soulful and soo raw, I’m genuinely amazed that this came out of my home town! Check it out here.

Tape Deck Heart – Frank Turner

I’d never heard any Frank Turner before a work friend leant me this… so good! The songs are touching sometimes, witty always and deliriously catchy!

Bowling for the Soup Goes to the Movies – Bowling for Soup

I’ve been brushing up on my Bowling for Soup in preparation for the gig in October. There are a couple of good songs but it’s not my favourite of theirs (Drunk Enough to Dance is – it’s their crowning glory!)

Best of Blue – Blue

A bargain buy from a car boot sale – 50p and money well spent! You’ve gotta love a bit of old school cheese, takes me right back to being 12 and watching Top of the Pops on a Friday night…

So what do you think of my latest plays? Random? Cheesey? I know. So tell me, what are yours? And no hiding the guiltiest pleasures!

D x


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