Whootie Owl Card

The latest Quirky Crafts challenge has gone live today, and the latest theme is black and white with a tiny amount of another colour. Check out the original challenge post here.

One of the biggest challenges for me as part of the Quirky Crafts design team is using the digital stamps provided by all of our great sponsors. If you’ve seen any of my other art work, you’ll know I like to create each element on the page; I prefer to use hand painted papers over scrapbook paper, my own writing over computer generated fonts, my own drawings over somebody else’s. But you should also know that I love a challenge, and these images we’re given force me to push myself, and find different ways to make my mark.

So to that end, today I’m going to share an artsy card making tutorial using the ‘Whootie Owl’ stamp from Limited Runs.


Jpeg Jpeg

Half a sheet of sturdy watercolour paper * a pair of scissors * a glue stick * a tube of acrylic paint * a pencil crayon in the same colour as the paint * a flat paint brush * a black felt tip * a fine black pen (I used a gel pen) * a white pen * a piece of bubble wrap *  a black and white image


Jpeg Jpeg

Fold your piece of watercolour paper in half, then water down some acrylic paint and cover one half in a light wash. While it’s still wet, blot with a piece of toilet roll or kitchen paper for texture.


Coat your bubble wrap with a thicker layer of paint and print onto your background. Set aside and let it dry while you work on you image.

Jpeg Jpeg

Using a black felt tip divide the image into smaller sections. Then start adding doodles with the gel pen.



Fill in the rest with doodles, I’d recommend picking two patterns and then repeating them across the image. Remember to leave some blank space, or it’ll just look too fussy. Add a splash of colour to those blank spaces.



Add a few scribbles to your background to tie in the black and white of your main image.

Cut out your image and stick to the background. Add a border using your black and white pens and your pencil crayon. This will add balance out the card and make each element look like it ‘goes’ together:


I hoped you enjoyed this little tutorial, and I hope you’ll consider linking up to the latest challenge!

D x

P.S. If you make anything based on this post, I’d love to see pictures!


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