A slightly creative morning

Hi guys!

So today is day 29 of the Blog Every Day in May challenge – I can’t believe we’re nearly there! Today the topic is morning ritual, and because my morning ritual could be summarised in a line or two I’m going to try something a little different…

In my creative writing class last year I studied a lot of techniques for coming up with ideas for poems… one of these was to pick a really mundane topic and bring in as much figurative language into a piece of prose as possible, before turning it into poetry. So I thought I’d pull out my rusty writing technique and give it a whirl with my morning ritual:

My morning usually starts with my fickle friend the snooze button. He lingers quietly, letting my flirt with the Valhalla of slumber before ripping me away from all that is good about life.

The next twenty minutes are a blur of teeth brushing, hair brushing, face brushing. Of messy wardrobes, messy bags and messy buns. But I make it out, to the rush of mug that swallows me whole as I try to embrace this cold, grey day.

The walk through town is a perilous adventure, with all vehicles honing in on me, like salt to vinegar. That old man tries to hit me with his (push) bike for the twelfth day in a row, cars forget to indicate before their outrage at pedestrians devours all reason. Then finally, that sunflower saviour graces the horizon, and carries away to pastures new.

Pastures of phone calls and spread sheets, emails and folders, tea breaks and tantrums. But the gates to that peaceful meadow of monotony are barred until that beauty known as breakfast shows her face. Whether she’s dressing up as sausage sandwiches or swirls of cinnamon, maple dyed pastry braids or ‘breakfast biscuits’, calories are key. Sugar in belly, tea in hand, I’m armed to face the day.

Let me just say, this is not supposed to be literary genius, the whole point is to kick up a few interesting phrases that you can file away for later… and I pledge to you, my loyal readers, that even though I’m the least poetic person on the planet, I will turn this into a bit of verse for you. One day.

So you’ve read about my romanticized morning, how would you describe yours?

D x


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