Messages from the Muse

It seems about time for me to share another Life Book page with you; this lesson was taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud (click here to check out some of her artwork) and involved creating two ‘sister pages’ designed to sit side by side.

Here’s what I came up with:


I don’t really like the page on the left… it just doesn’t really ‘spark’ anything for me. I got bored with it pretty quickly. But I LOVE the page on the right… the painting techniques were big fun, and I really like that the layers make the face look like it’s glowing. I ended up ditching the bird page completely and cracking out my pens on the other one:


The doodliness adds more of ‘my style’ and I really like where the painting has ended up. I’ll definitely be playing with Shiloh’s prompts again to create more magical faces!

D x


5 thoughts on “Messages from the Muse

  1. here from AJED. There is more shading and detail on the lovely lady page but I really like both pages. There is a soft quality about your bird page!

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