Tigers in Red Weather


This is the first book I’ve read from Richard and Judy’s Summer Book Club. For more info, check out this page. If you feel like working your way through these books this summer, you can link up here (just click on the button in her sidebar).

Tigers in Red Weather tells the story of a family filled with secrets. The plot keeps you guessing the whole way through… the clues you’re given are ambiguous enough to offer multiple possible scenarios. In my opinion, one of the markers of great writing is that the reader just can’t stop thinking about the book. This is what this one was like for me. I wasn’t always thinking nice things about it, but I was slightly obsessed nonetheless.

The story is split between numerous points of view, and it jumps through time quite a lot. This had the potential to annoy me a fair bit, but it was pretty seamless. Occasionally frustrating, but seamless.

The first narrator is Nick, and after reading her section I found her pretty repulsive. But actually, as I kept reading, and I got to know her family, I warmed to her. This family has issues.

The characters are all extremely well executed, not necessarily likeable, but expertly crafted. If nothing else, Liza Klaussman is a GENIUS at creating total w$%@!&*s. These are the kind of characters you really wish could step out of a book, just so you can punch them in the face.

If I had to point out one negative, I’d say the ending was a little anticlimactic… and there were a few loose ends I’d like to have seen tied up, but all in all I enjoyed this book. After reading the blurb, I thought I would anyway… but as it turns out, the blurb really doesn’t accurately represent the novel. I was expecting some 1940’s glamour, some heartbreak and scandal, and it wasn’t quite like that.

So R+J Book Clubbers, have you read Tigers in Red Weather yet? What were your thoughts on it?

D x

3 thoughts on “Tigers in Red Weather

  1. I found Tigers a little slow to get into, but once i was into it I couldn’t put it down. I read it a couple of months ago and it has really stuck with me. It is one of my summer reads suggestions.

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