{Top Ten Tues} Read So Far

Technology has failed me. This post was supposed to go live yesterday (when it was actually Tuesday) but for some reason it didn’t… so here you go:

The latest topic for Top Ten Tuesday is ‘books read so far in 2013’ but I’m not really feeling 10… so instead I’m going to share just two that I’ve read, and loved, since the beginning of the year.

[From a debut novelist]

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

There is no point lying to you now, I picked up this book because the author plays one of the best characters from one of the best TV shows of all time: Lorelai Gilmore. At the start I was convinced this woman could do no wrong… but then I was faced with prospect of actually reading the book, and it worried me. What if she let me down? What if it didn’t live up to Gilmore Girls or Parenthood? HOWEVER I’m so glad I kicked my neuroses in the face and switched on the Kindle, because I just loved it.

Someday, Someday, Maybe tells the story of a wannabe actress living in New York in the mid-1990’s, and the highs and lows she experiences while trying to fulfill her dreams… doesn’t it just sound like a storyline straight out of Friends? And there’s definitely something to be said for ‘sh*t happens and so do love triangles’ philosophy…

The biggest strength of the novel has to be the characters. Graham conjures these entirely lovable, hugely amusing, incredibly vivid people out of thin air, and you can’t help but get attached to the whole lot of them. It was one of those books that almost made me cry at the end, not because it was sad, but because it was coming to an end.


[From a seasoned pro]

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Again, this was a book picked for a stupid reason- I’d seen the advert for the film adaptation and really liked the cover of Go Your Own Way that they played on it. Stupid, right?

What can I say about Nicholas Sparks? His books are so unbelievably easy to read. I think I’ve read three now, and none have taken me more than a day to get through.

Safe Haven is a story about strength and second chances. We meet our protagonist, Katie, just after she moves to a sleepy little American town, and over the course of the novel we learn about the hope she sees dangling in her future, and the horror lurking in the past. There’s a steady build up towards a satisfying climax and that is all you really need in a book… everything else is just for show.

I’d definitely like to see the film now. I find it very comforting when an author is involved in the adaptation of his own novel- it can guarantee that nobody will be faffing around with the story too much!

So tell me, which books have you really enjoyed this year?

D x

4 thoughts on “{Top Ten Tues} Read So Far

  1. I read Safe Haven this year too (because I thought Josh Duhamel was hot, there’s an even stupider reason to pick it up) and I loved it! I liked the movie but not as much as the book, although I think it was cast perfectly. I’m intrigued by the Lauren Graham one, want to read it now!

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