Divine Colour

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve been somewhat lazy over the past few days because I’m all fluey and feeling a bit sorry for myself. The one bright side is that I have had a chance to catch up on my Life Book lessons. The page I’m sharing with you today was inspired by Dion Dior’s ‘Divine Colour’ lesson. If you’ve seen any of her artwork around, you’ll know how vibrant and colourful she is in everything she does… so I was excited to learn from the master!

The first step of this lesson was to create a colour palette to work with (I’ve since invested in a colour wheel so I can play around with colour combinations some more). I picked the tetrad of yellow-green, blue, red-violet and orange for my gerbera, what do you think? (NB a tetrad is a combination of two sets of complementary colours)

She showed us lots of tips for using water-soluble media, and creating texture using everyday items (unfortunately I had none of these everyday items lying around… instead of cling film, gauze and bleach, I used kitchen role, string and nail varnish remover).

This is the page I ended up with:


It really doesn’t look like something I’d normally do, but I really like it. The photo doesn’t really do justice to the vivid colour of the physical page… and you can’t see the golden shimmer at all.

I hope you all have a great weekend, but for now I better get back to my Lemsip!

D x


2 thoughts on “Divine Colour

  1. Oh Daire, this is absolutely beautiful. I also did this lesson – it was a wonderful one. Hey, feeling sorry for yourself is also a good thing!!!! Be well. Love and Hugs.

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