This is How it Ends


This is How it Ends by Kathleen MacMahon is another book from the Richard and Judy Summer Book List, and I have to say… I’m pretty torn.

Going by the other reviews I’ve read, this is an uplifting tale of hope, love and second chances. In my opinion this is a book about being kicked in the face by life again and again, until suddenly life picks you up… but only so it can kick you back down even harder. The plot just didn’t float my boat, and set against the backdrop of the recession/Obama election? No thank you. That’s the kind of ‘current events’ that isn’t quite current enough to be relevant, but too current to be enjoyed by me.

However, I thought the characters were all phenomenal. Every single figure was well crafted and clearly well-loved by the author. All were imperfect in their own quirky little ways, and it was so, so easy to get attached to them! They were the force that encouraged me to keep reading. It was the relationships that held my interest, nothing else.

I can’t seem to come to a solid conclusion about this book… I didn’t like it enough to keep talking, but I didn’t hate it enough to rant… so instead you’re stuck with a short, unsatisfying review. I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes!

D x

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