Going to the Zoo

I can never decide whether I love Sundays or hate them… on the one hand it is the day of lie-ins, roast dinners and general laziness BUT it is also the time bomb that ultimately explodes into Monday Mornings (and we all know how evil those are). One good thing about Sundays is that the new Quirky Crafts challenge goes live. This week the theme is ‘Daddy’s taking me to the zoo tomorrow’ (as in the song), so we want to see something with zoo animals on please! Check out the original challenge post for some design team inspiration, and instructions for how to link up.

As I’ve said before, I’m always looking for ways to use the digital images we work with in a new way. Here’s what I came up with this week, using ‘Chameleon’ from Bugaboo:


Step 1 – Trace your image.

As the lines are quite thick on this one, I traced along both edges.


Step 2 – Transfer the traced shapes onto coloured paper.

This is easy as pie, simply flip your traced image onto your paper of choice (I used a few scraps of hand painted paper left over from other projects) and go over outlines using a pen, pencil of bone folder.


Step 3 – Reassemble your image, and glue down.

Depending on the image you’ve chosen, you could adhere the pieces straight onto your background, but as I had lots of fiddly pieces I stuck them all onto my tracing and covered in a layer of PVA. If you use wet glue on tracing paper it is going to warp, but this can always be fixed later.


Step 4 – Stick the picture onto your art journal page.

I adhered my chameleon to a ready prepped background and weighted it down with a couple of heavy books to de-warp. The background was a page in my sketchbook that I’d used to clean excess paint off a couple of stencils and brushes, but I think it looks like it was designed with this little guy in mind! I outlined each collaged piece using a black sharpie, but I left the bulk of the outlines clear – I like that you can see the background through the tracing paper, it definitely helps this chameleon to camouflage! The final touch was a sharpie border (as I wanted to balance out the black outlines), and done!

I really love how this page has turned out, and I can’t wait to try out this technique with some other images!

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday,

D x


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