{Love Triangles 101} An Introduction



As you may (or may not) know by now, this month I’m taking part in Love Triangles 101, a blogging event running from July 8th to July 26th. Over the course of the month lots and lots of amazing bloggers will be posting all about love triangles; check out the host A Novel Idea for more information, and a list of upcoming posts and chances to get involved.

Some people can’t get enough of a good love triangle, some people detest them. This event will look at literary love triangles from multiple angles, and I hope you’ll have a read of some of the great posts that will be going live in the coming weeks. My main post is going to be all about the transition of love triangles from books to film, and that will be coming to you on the 20th but I’ll be sharing a few more bonus posts too, so make sure you follow and come back to check those out!

Today I just wanted to write a little ‘hello’ post, and answer the question asked of all the bloggers taking part in LT101:

Why do you think love triangles are so prevalent in YA, and how do you feel about them?

I believe that love triangles infiltrate Young Adult, and all genres of fiction for that matter, because they add another level of human interest. We might pick up a book, or stick with a series, for the exciting plots, beautiful prose or unusual form, but a lovey little sub-plot ties things together nicely.

There are many out there who condemn love triangles outright, and to those people I say… just imaging a world where books contain only characters in loving, long-term relationships absent of any drama or complications. Would you ever want to read anything? I can admit that sometimes love triangles are TERRIBLE, and just included for the sake of it, but at other times they provide entertainment, suspense, a platform for character development, or all of the above.

Love triangles also provide another service… they get people talking. You’ll probably have noticed that I quite like talking about books, and nothing makes people more vocal than a love triangle, whether it’s Angelina v. Aniston or Stelena/Delena people just love to have their say!

So yes, I’ll admit it. I’m pro-love triangle. But I am also very picky. A good love triangle has a very strict formula… but I guess you’ll have to pay me a visit on the 17th to find out more about that!

Now tell me, what do you guys think of love triangles? Love them? Hate them? Totally indifferent?

D x


8 thoughts on “{Love Triangles 101} An Introduction

  1. I agree that when a love triangle is done well, it adds a lot to a story just like when it’s done badly it takes away. I feel like YA sees love triangles as something they can easily add in without really doing it justice, which is quite unfortunate. That being said there are a number of books that do it well but I guess we tend to remember the bad instead of the good!

  2. I’m fine with love triangles as long as they’re relevant and provide support to the story than being there just because. I love a good book and if the triangle is done well, I’d read it and love it. They do make things more interesting and while, I’m not exactly in their favor, I’m not against them either.

    • You are right, it so so subjective. I think if you condemn all love triangles then you’re going to miss out on some real gems, but if you’re not selective you’ll end up reading some utter crap!

  3. Love triangles do drive me nuts. Every now and then I find one I like .. but most of the time I could do without them. I think that as readers we can tell if an author is adding them to just add to the drama, while other authors do a good job of actually having them bring something great for the plot.

    Angela’s Anxious Life

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