{Love Triangles 101} When They Just Don’t Count

Hey, I’m back to talk love triangles again!

Have you been reading any of the other Love Triangle 101 posts? Check out A Novel Idea for Signs You’re in A Love Triangle as well as the Event Schedule.

Today I’ve been thinking about fake triangles… You know what I mean, those relationships that do involve three people, but don’t tick those love triangle boxes. They’re everywhere… books, films, TV…

Here are a few examples of those situations that, to me, just don’t count:-

[A= protagonist / B= love interest #1 / C= love interest #2]

C is a stalker, rapist or serial killer.

Katie meets image of male perfection, Alex, while still entangled with an abusive ex.

A and B are in a forced relationship (due to a threat, blackmail or an arranged marriage).

Lorna is kept captive by her ambitious cousin, Carver Doone, before being rescued by delightful farmer, John Ridd.

B is just an obstacle to A and C being together (an annoying ex, or incompatible other half).

Although it is glaringly obvious that Marlena and Jacob should be together, her schizophrenic lion-tamer husband lingers dangerously between them. 

A has no real interest in B or C, he/she is just a bit of a player.

John Tucker just likes girls. Full stop.

It is likely that A could end up with both B and C (and D, and E, and F).

Bill gets to marry everyone he has interest in, so it definitely does not count as a love triangle… a love triangle implies some sort of choice has to be made.

A is Henry VIII.

That man was a law unto himself. His feelings of love, lust, obsession, hatred and tyranny are so fluid we never really end up with a triangle, more of an irregular heptagon.

B and C have no relationship to each other.

Marianne Dashwood is left heartbroken by Willoughby, in favour of the wealthy but malicious Miss Grey (who Marianne has only seen once, across a crowded ballroom). Each corner of a triangle must be joined by a line. If there is nothing between two of the points it is simply not a triangle.

So tell me, am I wrong? Are these legitimate examples of love triangles? Can you think of any more ‘fake triangles’?

D x


7 thoughts on “{Love Triangles 101} When They Just Don’t Count

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