{Love Triangles 101} From Story to Screen


I think that the one thing that everyone could say about love triangles, whether they love them or hate them, is that at best, they can be very unrealistic. As a reader, I consider this a capital offence… I want to be convinced by the words on front of me. I want to believe that there are vampires, and princesses, and aliens, and talking bears, at least while my nose is still between the pages. So yes, it infuriates me when an author thrusts a handful of two-dimensional characters into an insipid love triangle, just for the sake of it.

My favourite book of all time (Gone With the Wind) provides an example of a truly phenomenal love triangle. It ticks all my boxes (check out this post for more info on those boxes). Even so, and as a ‘book person’ it truly pains me to say this, but I think love triangles turn out much better on-screen than on paper. Assuming the acting and the dialogue are halfway decent, it’s so much easier to be drawn into a love triangle that can quite literally see before you.

It would take a real effort for me to come up with a list of compelling love triangles I’ve found in books, but in films? There’s a thousand! And such a variety! Is there anything more bittersweet than Juliet and Simon kissing in Love Actually, even though she’s married to his best friend? Or Jules’s hilarious attempts at sabotage in My Best Friend’s Wedding? Has there ever been anything more heartbreaking than the ending of Pearl Harbor or more hopeful than The Notebook? What gives you more tingles than Nicole and Ewan serenading each other in Moulin Rouge? And is there really anything sweeter than Sweet Home Alabama?

pearl harbor my best friend's wedding notebook sweet home alabama moulin rouge love actually


[Images borrowed from http://www.imdb.com]

These are just a few of my faves, but what do you think? Are love triangles more addictive in a book or on the box? What a your favourite movie love triangles?

D x

P.S. A post on my favourite TV love triangles will be coming your way soon, so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “{Love Triangles 101} From Story to Screen

  1. Come to think about it, as much as I’m a fan (and not a fan, equally) of love triangles, I do like movies with them better than books. But I think it has more to do with how well it is done in books and more often than not, it’s irrelevant to the story as well as a hassle.

    Gone With the Wind is also one of my absolute favorite books! So glad to know you love it, too! =D

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