Art Haul

So a couple of weeks ago I went to visit my friend Hannah in Norwich. On my way back, my trusty gladiators broke, so I ran into Matalan (which, conveniently, is across the road from the train station) to get some flip flops. Then something bad happened. I had to get past Hobbycraft to leave. Not only was it Hobbycraft, but there were also ‘sale’ stickers plastered across every window. Not good. I couldn’t resist. And as I only had twelve minutes before my train pulled out of the station (and a non-refundable ticket), I was able to somewhat limit myself to these:


[Self adhesive lace paper – will be used primarily as stencils, and when it can’t take any more paint it will be reincarnated as collage fodder]


[This is my fave brand of felt tips so I was just dying to try out their glittery pens… the nibs are quite hard and rounded so it’s difficult doing detail, but they’re sooo pretty]


[Mini letter stamps, they do a bunch of different fonts, I just picked the nearest two! Ideal for art journal, card making, scrapbook pages and ransom letters!)

I have to say I impressed myself with my willpower. But then I pulled into Nottingham. And discovered the Papermania sale:


[Heavy duty wood mounted rubber stamps, a total steal at £1ish each]


[Ok, not in the sale. But I saw these paper tapes on my way to the till and decided they were a very necessary addition to my stash]


[Roller stamp pencil toppers. Fine, so I’m twelve, but at 90p for the three, HOW COULD I NOT?!]

If you’ve ever been to Papermania, the stationery Valhalla, then you’ll know it’s extremely unusual to leave the damn place spending only a fiver… so again, I was pleased with my self-restraint… before rounding off my day with (even more) pens from WHSmith:


[Literally the best pens for doodling. Ever.]


[Replacements for my beloved Sharpies that seem to be dying a long-awaited death. I can’t believe I’m going to say it but these actually seem to work better]

I know I promised you a load of art journal posts this week, but I’ve been having some camera issues (GRRR) so bear with me, and come back next week!

D x

P.S. Laura over at Cardboard Cities has instituted an #abloggers hashtag for arts and crafts bloggers. You can add it to your tweets to help other arty people find you, or search using the tag to discover people yourself. She is also in the process of arranging #ablogger chats, where we can congregate and talk about all things messy!


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