Stencils, Masks and More


Today I wanted to share another Life Book page with you (if you’re interested, you can still sign up for Life Book, just click here). This one was inspired by Joann Loftus’s lesson ‘Stencils, Masks & More’ (she of the very cool, but very fiddly stained glass window lesson).



[sorry about the glare]


I really quite enjoyed creating this page even if it did bury me with a frustration or two… firstly I built the silhouette on really thick card so it was pretty hard to cut out neatly, and then I picked a pale colour for my first layer, so you couldn’t see the cool stencilling technique, and then my stencil betrayed me and allowed too much seepage. And just when I thought it was all over… I spilt my water jar on it.

But I decided to make lemonade so to speak, and scrape a quote into the soggy paint layers, which gives you a little peep of the journalling underneath. Despite all my troubles, I really love how this one looks. It’s entirely random, and a lot of it was remedial, but sometimes the best spreads are!

So have you been doing anything creative recently? If you’re an art journaller, link your pages up here, and I’ll come and check out what you’ve done!

Have a great weekend!

D x


One thought on “Stencils, Masks and More

  1. Daire = I love how you describe your process – real real and real! You must be a wonderful vulnerable and gracious person! the art is also powerful and lovely. thanks for that. heartfully yours, samara

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