So here I am again. I have to be honest about something… I feel like I’m in a bit of a blogging rut. I have lists and lists of post ideas and books to review and yet my motivation levels are at zero.

I can’t tell you why exactly, because I don’t even know myself. Maybe I need to take some down time and review what I post on here? No, that’s unrealistic… I’m far too obsessive to let it slide. I like to fix things not let them fester.

My art related posts are mostly unaffected as the images carry most of the load. The worst off seem to be my beloved book posts, and it breaks my heart. I’ve been reading back through my last few reviews and I can’t help but think they’re quite flat and ‘meh’ (which is now seemingly one of my favourite adjectives). I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of ways to inject a bit of life into this elephants’ graveyard known as Doing it the Open Way. But I’m blank. I never used to have to force the writing… it used to drip from my fingers, but now I’m just stumped.

I always thought my blogging problems would come from having no ideas; I wasn’t prepared for the words to fail me. So, I’m appealing to you, dear readers, to help me out of this unprecedented slump.

What do you do to keep yourself (and others) interested? Do you ever use prompts to help start your reviews, or do you have a formula you rely on every time?

Also (and I’m not looking for an ego massage) would you tell me, with total honesty, the things you think do or don’t work about this blog? I have to admit that my self-deprecating soul might be a bit biased, so any guidance offered would be much appreciated!

D x


6 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. I love your blogs! As someone who wishes she had more time to do the creative arty things but never has the time ( or a cat-free zone) I love reading about your art challenges and always find them inspiring. I love your book blogs; complete book womble and my daily commute allows this with ease! And am thoroughly enjoying your reading challenge for the year! As I was in a reading rut (shock) I found your challenge list a work of genius as I am hunting out books which both interest and which fulfil a category; never would have read any of James Bond and would have missed out! So although you may be having a ‘flumpf’ moment, you are spreading joy in my world …. I only wish I knew how you manage to be so productive!! A blog on time management ?! My OU experience (law and sociology/criminology) left me happy but exhausted!!!

  2. me too ditto above and other things… I get your blog post via email (sorry I don’t always comment) and you Blog blog blog, every day! No wonder you are thinking, what to write!?! I’m quite surprised at what you do blog about, you cover everything!! I was quite chuffed with myself that I’d read some of your reading list and also found myself hunting out other books on the list (which I found second hand and cheap at 50p!) I love to write, but do not read enough although i think I have improved over these few years of blogging but have slowed down this year (and last year) so maybe there’s something in the air, or not. either way I think you’ve got the mix of subject just right! So it it coming… the Open way!

  3. So many bloggers seem to be losing their mojo at the moment (me included). Personally, I think this nice weather is making me less inclinced to sit indoors at my laptop. Also, you do write a lot, and your book posts particularly (which I love btw) are very detailed and well-crafted, they clearly take you a while to write. Maybe ease off on yourself? A blog break can be really refreshing, even if it’s only for a week or two.

  4. Yes we basically said the same thing in a roundabout way. I’m really determined only to review things that I really feel are worthy of it – I’m sick of feeling MEH all the time and need to remove that aspect. If and when you read something fantastic maybe you’ll feel like sharing again?

  5. When I read a book, I mark passages which are interesting with a sticky flag so that I don’t forget how I felt when I read them. I always think that it’s interesting when someone notices something that no one had talked about. I also think it’s interesting to read how a book made you feel. I’ve read your blog a lot and I think you’re doing fine. If you’re not feeling it, maybe you should read something you normally wouldn’t read. Our try one of those 30 day book challenges that a lot of people are doing lately.

    Don’t be hard on yourself though. You’re doing a great job.

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