Car Booty

One of my favourite things about Sundays are car boot sales. One of my favourite things about having a house is that a I have a legitimate reason to go to car boot sales and buy things. I may not be ready to show you pics of the new pad, but here’s a sneak peek of the things I’ve been buying to fill it…


Giant salt, pepper and chilli grinders (contents included). £1 for the lot. Bargain. In Granny’s words: “You’ve got a fortune in pepper there, love”


A HUGE CD rack to replace the teeny tiny one we had at the flat. The paint is chipped but it’s really sturdy, so I’ll be customizing sometime soon…


Four lovely, brand new, silky soft cushions for £2 (plus they match my bedroom colour perfectly!)


A big jar of foam letters (well, just because a person can always use another set of alphabet stamps!)


Bargain of the century! £5 for over 300 sheets of peel-offs! Whenever I’ve seen them in craft shops they’ve ranged between 99p and £1.79 per sheet. There are hundreds of different designs and colours, I can’t wait to have a play!


And (because I was obviously on a sticker binge) a roll of large blank circles – perfect for designing my own, no?


My final steal of the day was a big stack of Jamie Oliver magazines… I’d originally thought of putting them in my cutting up box because the photography is stunning, but after flicking through I realised there is too much recipe goodness going on, the have to go on my cook book shelf!

I also got a text last night to say my Auntie had picked me up some PERFECT curtains for our living room from a car boot near her… WIN WIN WIN!

Have you picked up any bargain buys recently?

D x

My internet is finally back up and running, so I’m back for good 😀 she says, resisting a Take That singalong moment.


4 thoughts on “Car Booty

  1. I have to know, what is a car boot? Here in the states a car boot is a mechanisim that goes onto the back wheel of your car, kind of like a big lock, to prevent you from moving the car. It’s used when you park in the wrong spot. I am sure that’s now what you mean. =)

    Those pillows are down right gorgeous and also I now have to go steal my kids foam letters so i can use them as stamps in my art journal. Why have I never thought of that!

    • Ohh ok, a car boot is what you would call the trunk. But it’s also the name we give to events sort of like rummage sales, but bigger and better. Loads and loads of people go and set up stalls, and the idea is that they’re only allowed to take things they can fit in their car. I’m not sure what you would call this??

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