{Doodle Camp} Part 1

One of the online art course I’ve been really excited about this year is Doodle Camp 2013, taught buy the fabulous Dawn Devries Sokol of D’Blogala. A week long art camp that involved prompts, jumpstarts, technique lessons and inspiration all geared towards one of my favourite things… doodling!

The first part of the class consisted of making a journal to ‘take to camp’ with us. I was convinced this part would go wrong for me, but I actually love the result:


What do you think? I’m still contemplating  adding colour to my cover, but I’m not 100% sure yet…

I also prepped some backgrounds using Dawn’s techniques, but with a few different materials. I didn’t have a pipette so I used an empty glitter glue tube (I had no control, but everything has been infused with a bit of sparkle, which I love!), I also didn’t have ink at the time, so I used watered down emulsion.








Come back over the next week or so to see how I filled up these pages…

D x


2 thoughts on “{Doodle Camp} Part 1

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