Becoming Indigo

Becoming Indigo is the coming of age story of Indigo, a Canadian teenager with supernatural abilities, who seems to attract trouble from both the magical and the mundane.

This was an ARC provided by NetGalley and Hayhouse in exchange for my honest review. I requested it for one, entirely superficial reason… the title. I needed to tick of the ‘colour’ category of my whimsical reading challenge, so I did.


The whole book had this quirky, bohemian vibe that just made me think of the freedoms of summer. It really appealed to the non-mainstream side of my personality, and Indigo is not dissimilar to the way I was as a teenager. I mean, I can’t see ghosts, but other than that I could really relate to her experiences.

I thought that the way the author dealt with the magical aspects of the plot was very original. A lot of the fantasy/supernatural novels I’ve come into contact with seem to recycle storylines, abilities and histories, so it was nice to see something a little bit different.

One thing that really stuck out was that Indigo had issues to deal with that had nothing to do with her powers. Something that irritates me about a lot of young adult fiction is that every twist and turn of the plot is somehow linked to the protagonist’s destiny or magical lifestyle – I personally think that ties things up too neatly, and generally makes for two-dimensional characters. I liked that Indigo had human problems, it made her seem much more grounded than the shiny, perfect amazingness of a lot of other heroines.


I thought that some parts of the story could have used a little more exploration. Her whole relationship with her ex and her family was glossed over slightly, but this may be focussed on more in Through Indigo’s Eyes (the first in the series – that I am yet to read). To be honest, I’m just being picky now. I read the whole thing in one sitting after locking myself out of the house.


You enjoyed the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan or Kate Cann’s horrible-holiday-turned-lifechanging-experience series.

D x


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