{Doodle Camp 2013} Part 2

So already I have failed in my BEDN ambitions. I had the best of intentions – I had my post sketched out and ready to be typed up but external forces took over… I fell asleep. A combination of work and studying and art workshops and intense Slimming World obsessions conspired to send me off to Hushabye Mountain. I shouldn’t complain really. These self-imposed stressors can have way worse side effects; I get crabby; I start panicking; I lose all motivation; I eat; I glaze over and drown in TV. None are particularly good for me.

There is one technique that I use to de-stress that has never failed me. I unleash the creativity. I’ll choose something that won’t take a lot of time, or space, or materials or effort or brain power, something like doodling, and I’ll just let go for a while. A couple of months ago I took part in a fun mini workshop with Dawn Devries Sokol called ‘Doodle Camp’, so in honour of National Stress Awareness Day I thought I’d share some of the doodles and drawings that left me feeling oh-so-serene:


[A list of things I’d take to Doodle Camp with me]


[Inspired by Nature]


[Dream Destination]


[Playing with Patterns]


[Finding the Doodle]


[Designing an Alphabet]


[Ice Cream Treats]



So are you a fan of the almighty doodle? How do you choose to beat the stress out of your life?

D x

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2 thoughts on “{Doodle Camp 2013} Part 2

  1. Tequila!! Haha. These are great doodles; mine would look NOTHING like that. I’m excited to post for you tomorrow about my fiction/nonfiction pairs! I’ll get that to you tonight; I did some research at the library and have a bunch of new books to add to my list!

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