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Hey Guys! Today I’m co-hosting Book Chat with Jessica over at the Tangerine, and this week the topic is (you’ve guessed it…) non-fiction!


One of the reasons I decided to embark on this Non Fic November journey was to make my way through some of those pesky ‘to be read’ piles. The other day I posted about all the things I’m planning to read over the month, and so far I’ve managed to stick to it (yay!). However, I appear to have added a few more to my wish-list… I’m not even going to try to justify this (I actually, that’s a lie, I keep telling myself that this is allowed because Christmas is coming and people need present ideas). One of these days I’m going to have to embrace the fact that I’m just destined to be a spinster with a cat collection, and towers of books to reinforce my damp walls.

If you’ve read any of these, let me know your thoughts!

Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain

I have wanted to read this book ever since I studied the World Wars for my A-Levels. It tells Vera’s story after dropping out of Oxford in 1915, and enlisting as a nurse with the armed forces. After losing practically everyone she loved by 1918 you can expert tears, lots of tears. And I have a sick kind of love for books that can make me cry.

Necropolis: London and its Dead / Bedlam: London and its Mad by Catharine Arnold

Cat Arnold was my creative writing tutor last year, and ever since meeting her I’ve been intending to add these to my collection. She’s also written a few more in this series, all chronicling the seedy underbelly of London’s history.

Stranger the Books by Chuck Palahniuk

Despite being completely scarred by the first and only Palahniuk novel I’ve read, I really like the idea of this one. Essentially it is a series of non-fictional anecdotes that have inspired his works of fiction. I may not be ready for the end result, but I think I can deal with the inspiration… no matter how strange!

Princesses Behaving Badly: Real Stories from History Without the Fairy Tale Endings by Linda Rodriguez

This one only crept onto my list this morning after reading Megan’s Non Fic November post, but I NEEEEED this book. Described on GoodReads as being for ‘history buffs, feminists, and anyone seeking a different kind of bedtime story’, this one is so up my street it’s sat on the doorstep.

Printmaking Unleashed by Traci Bautista

Ok, so technically this book has not hit the shelves yet, but it can be pre-ordered. I adore Traci Bautista – she is one of my favourite artists; I’ve taken tons of her workshops, and have copies of both of her other books, so this one is an absolute no-brainer for me!

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran is funny. That’s about the gist of it. Nobody has better Twitter rants/vicarious romances with Indiana Jones and because of this I’m expecting marvellous things from her book PLUS how cool is that font?

So tell me, are you reading (or planning on reading) any non-fiction this month? If you are, I’m always willing to accept recommendations!

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D x

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7 thoughts on “{Non Fic November} Book Chat

  1. The Caitlin Moran book is fabulous! And I LOVE the way you describe ‘Princesses Behaving Badly’: “so up my street it’s sat on the doorstep” made me LOL!

  2. Doesn’t that fairytale book look AWESOME?? I’m so glad you were inspired to add it to your to-read list! And I’ve had a Cat Arnold book on my TBR list for sooooo long; in fact, I put it down tentatively as my nonfiction book for my challenge paired with a Philippa Gregory novel, but I completely forgot about it when I wrote your post last night! DOY! 🙂

  3. Great topic! I loved How To Be a Woman and would highly recommend it. It’s both very relatable and very funny 🙂 Bedlam sounds interesting and Princesses Behaving Badly has been on my radar for a while, it’s just such a fun topic.

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