{Non Fic November} The Bad


A lot of the Non Fic November posts so far have been ‘yay to non-fiction’ but today I thought I’d talk about the things I don’t like about a lot of non-fiction because there really are several good reasons that 95% of my reading is fiction.

– The writing can be really dry. A lot of writings can be so full of facts that there’s no drama or intrigue to propel you forwards. 

– Some can lack any reasonable amount of research and end up being based on rumours and myth.

– Anyone with a semi-interesting story seems to think they should write a memoir, regardless of writing talent.

– The covers tend to be less than attractive (and I’m a superficial being!)

– A lot of the times they’re just too long. Edit, people!

– A lot of the subjects seem to be quite faddy. I know it’s the same with fiction (vampire love story, anyone?), but because non-fiction is factual there’s so much less variety in the stories of three thousand books about Tudor Queens.

– They’re not promoted in the same way, so I don’t discover works of non-fiction that I’d love to read at the same pace.

– There’s a tendency to be serious. Sometimes I want some frivolousness in my life

So how about you? I know a lot of the Non Fic November participants are big fans of non-fiction but what do you think? Any pet hates to share?

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5 thoughts on “{Non Fic November} The Bad

  1. My number one bugbear is actually my problem, not the books: it takes me so blooming long to read non-fiction! without the narrative thrust of fiction to drive me forward, I tend to read it really slowly (unless it’s a particularly brilliantly written book)

  2. I am a huge fan of non-fiction, but I can’t argue that every point you made here is true in some cases. I hate when I end up with really dry non-fiction or when I feel like the author was too biased to bother with the facts. I also take a lot longer to read non-fiction than fiction! I also agree with you completely about non-fiction not being promoted as much. I’m always excited to find another blogger who reads non-fiction, both because it’s fun to have someone else to talk to about the genre and because it’s great to have another source of recommendations 🙂

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