Granny is my Wingman


Based on the blog of the same name, Granny is my Wingman tells the online dating horror stories of author Kayli Stollak and her brash, short-tempered grandmother.

Following the catastrophic breakdown of her relationship with ‘soul mate’ Charlie, Kayli brings us along on her attempts to get over the ex love of her life and move on while encouraging her granny to do the same. I found this book really accessible – the narrative tone is very chatty… it really is much more like reading a blog than reading a memoir. In some aspects I found it quite easy to relate to Kayli – I too have dabbled in the world of online romance (and Facebook stalked an ex), but I also got the impression that she’s a little shallow at times. Although this is very realistic (because let’s face it, we’re all a bit superficial sometimes) it didn’t always make for the most endearing character.

Granny, on the other hand, is simply fabulous. My favourite parts of the whole book where the bits that involved her. She offered the BEST dating advice, even if she wasn’t the best at following her own rules…

I thought there were times when the book could have been a bit funnier… but that’s a matter of personal preference. When some people write their memoirs they think nothing of exaggerating or omitting details to create something a little more comedic, but Kayli stuck to the truth (I am not criticising her for this, but as a reader I enjoy embarrassing myself by laughing out loud on public transport).

One of the things I found most bizarre (and at the same time the most fascinating) was that she also helped her grandmother to sign up for online dating. Not just that, but she actually talked to her about S.E.X… I don’t think I’d even dare think that word in the same building as my grandma! We’re partners in crime in most other areas, but there’s a line!

Although I couldn’t describe it as particularly literary, I did enjoy reading it. It was a fun, light-hearted way to ease myself into reading non-fiction… it didn’t take me ages to get through (which you may remember is one of my pet peeves), and it was divided into nice short chapters, so I could fit it in and around my assignments. If you enjoyed this book, or feel like weighing up your options before investing in it, you should check out Kayli’s blog.

D x

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