Festive Inspiration

10 festive tutorialsOne of my favourite things about Christmas is having the time to get crafty and creative… usually I do this by making lots of cards (tons more than I’d ever actually send out) but this year, seeing as it’s my first Christmas in the new house, I’m quite taken with the idea of filling the place with handmade decorations…. here are a few amazing ideas of things I’d love to give a try:
These adorable tree hangings are made out of an old jumper, by one of my favourite 21 Secrets artist,  Rae Missigman.
Speaking of eco-friendly tree ornaments, have a look at these ones made from all of those cards you’ve saved from last year.
And then for the inner geek (aka those cool enough to appreciate them!) see these Game of Thrones snowflake patterns.
Alisa Burke has a ton of whimsical holiday tutorials over on her blog, have a look at  this edgy DIY wrapping paper technique and her fabulously festive Christmas lanterns.
How about you try making some of these gorgeous glass decorations for your tree, or some super sparkly stars to fling around your house?
If you have a decent amount of time to spend on your craftiness, check out this garland made of pom-poms from A Beautiful Mess.
For a few not-so-girly decorations, here are some adorable little tree hangings.
And finally (because I still need cards in my life) have a look at my favourite ever card how-to,  from Traci Bautista.
I hope that having a look through these links inspires you to try something a bit creative this Christmas… and I’d love to see what you make (leave me a link below!)
D x
P.S. If you come across any other creative tutorials, drop me a tweet @DaireCharlotte

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