2014 – Aims and Intentions

Happy New Year!

Back at the start of 2013 I shared a few resolutions with you, of things I wanted to accomplish over the past twelve months.

I’ve had a crazy, crazy year. I’ve been promoted. I’ve bought a house. I relinquished my dog love and adopted a cat. But did I manage to do what I intended? Let’s see…

– Art Journal Every Day:

Unfortunately this is not something I managed to stick to. I can honestly say that I really, really noticed the difference when I had a break from arting. I was unmotivated, I was grumpy, I was just not my usual delightful self. I have a new project in mind for 2014 that hopefully will help me stick to a ‘daily creativity’ regime (more on that below)!

-Update my blog at least 3 times a week:

I haven’t managed to stick to this one either, but I have definitely been going in the right direction. This year I have published 178 posts (that makes the weekly average 3.4, so if we were going by averages, I can tick this one off!). However, recently I’ve been focusing on blogging less and promoting more. I feel like it’s really worthwhile, because as much as I enjoy writing for myself, it’s really great when others read and enjoy your blog.

– Join the Quirky Crafts Design Team:

I was an active member of the QC design team for ten months, but unfortunately due to work and study commitments, I just didn’t have the time to keep going with it. It was such a great experience though, and a great way to flex my creative muscles! I think these were my favourite things I made while on the design team, which was yours?

– Host my own reading challenge:

I can check this one of my list! If you follow Doing it the Open Way you’ll know all about my whimsical reading challenge – you should come join in with me, it doesn’t have a time limit on it and I’ll definitely be carrying on next year!

– Take part in a few awesome arty workshops:

Where do I start… I’ve taken part in Life Book (by Tamara LaPorte), 21 Secrets (by Connie Hozvicka), Inky Doodles (by Michelle Houghton), Whimsy and Wonder (by Alisa Burke) and I’ve been working on a ton of others that haven’t been blogged about yet (including a bunch I bought in Traci Bautista‘s sale)

– Help my darling dunce-of-a-baker boyfriend bake every single thing from the ‘Step-by-step cakes’ book I bought him for Christmas:

We baked one thing, and it tasted like feet, so that book has been banished to the back of the shelf. Hummingbird Bakery and Lorraine Pascal all the way…

I’ve also accomplished some other ‘less planned’ things – I managed to complete a ‘blog every day’ challenge in May, I’ve totally refurbed Doing it the Open Way, I reached my reading goal of 50 books and I’ve embarked upon the final year of my degree. All in all, a lot has been done, and I know a lot will be done this year too. So (finally) these are my aims and intentions for 2014:

– Read 50 Books

I managed to smash this one last year, reading a total of 66, but since moving I have quartered the time I spend on public transport (which used to be the time I used to do all of my reading). I think 50 will be a challenge, but I have so many unread books on my shelf that I think I should at least try!

– 15 Mixed Media Minutes

This year I’m going to make a solid effort to build up a daily creativity practice. I was initially inspired to do a year-long creative challenge by iHanna (last year she managed to do 365 collages – one per day!), but I wanted to be a little bit less specific (as I know how ‘flitty’ I can be). I later found that one of my favourite 21 Secrets teachers Rae Missigman did a similar challenge last year, and recommends it wholeheartedly, so that’s good enough for me! I bought myself a shiny ladybird timer, and I have a studio filled to the brim with art supplies, so there’s nothing holding me back! I’d also really like to try filming some of my efforts – is that something you’d be interested in seeing?

– Work Through A Writer’s Book of Days:

Book of Days is a writing companion, a book of 365 daily prompts designed to help cultivate a habit of writing. I’m unlikely to share the results of these prompts here on the blog, but it’s still something I’d like to work on.

– Open An Online Shop

This one will be a lot of work, as the contents of the shop will be artwork and handmade crafty things, but when I finish my degree (in May, woooo!) I’ll have time to burn. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I’m convinced 2014 has to be the year!

– Keep Going With My 52 Things

You may remember that on my birthday last year I made a list of things I wanted to get done by the time I turn 25; I’ve made a start but there’s still a long way to go!

My aims and intentions tend to shift as the year goes on, but at this moment in time, these are the things I’m hoping to see through. I might have more a chance of sticking to them this year – the Documented Life project will certainly help!

So how about you guys? Do you have any resolutions for the New Year, or do you prefer to take things as they come?

D x

P.S. Jo over at Dexterous Diva is currently running a competition to win some great prizes – all you have to do is share a blog post featuring your New Year’s Resolutions… check this page out for more information!

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