Time To Get ‘Girly’

I love beauty products. I have a stash that would satisfy a room full of drag queens. But I have to be honest. I just don’t use any of it. I’m so, so lazy when it comes to all things beauty. I never straighten my hair. I prefer to tackle my eyebrows by hiding them with my fringe. I don’t think I’ve ever been near any kind of fake tan. I only crack out the foundation for nights out and interviews.

I’m aware that at this point you may be imagining some kind of Stig of the Dump/Worzel Gummidge lookalike, but I’m reasonably normal (I promise!).

There is one side of my beauty hoard that I simply adore… the nail varnish. I love having my nails done. Working in an office can be really grim sometimes, and looking down at yummy nails tapping away at the keyboard provides an instant (superficial) pick-me-up.

So, as with anything else  get fixated on, I’m obsessed with finding the perfect product. And as far as I’m concerned, ‘perfect’ is pretty complex… my perfect nail varnish would have:

  • Great colour
  • An interesting name (how unoriginal is naming something with a number?!)
  • A good consistency (has to be thick enough for even coverage, and liquid enough the avoid gloopy blobs)
  • Endurance (it definitely loses points if it chips or wears off in less than a week)
  • A decent price (I’m a hard-core bargain hunter, plus if I love a brand I end up needing all the colours so it’s nice if they’re good value)

Also, it would have to achieve whatever is promised by the advert/poster/lady who works in Boots.

Today I invested in two new colours:


The gold is very ‘me’ (I’m a big fan of metallic nails) but the pink not so much. I’ll be back soon to tell you how they rate!

D x

P.S. To all you beauty bloggers/general nail enthusiasts out there, if you think you can help me on my quest, and suggest the perfect nail varnish, leave me a comment below! Equally, if there’s anything I should be avoiding, let me know!