New Blooms

I had so much fun with this next Life Book lesson… nothing beats discovering and experiment with a new technique! This class was taught by Christy Tomlinson (check out her blog here).

The idea behind the page was to celebrate the new starts offered by the New Year while remembering all of your previous experience using the symbol of flowers (that ‘rebloom’ each year, starting fresh but still remembering where they were the previous year).

Starting with a background made by cleaning various stencils and brushes, I added a bit of freewriting based on the theme of ‘reblooming’:
“Acknowledge the wondrous blessings your future is filled with but hold on to those snippets of difficulty that have shaped your journey so far. The road ahead may be bumpy but look back at the mountains you’ve already scaled. All those bumps and bruises you try to cover are the bits and pieces that have made you so wonderfully you.”

She also showed us this awesome technique for creating mouldable 3D flowers on our pages. I got so attached to my background that I didn’t want to cover it up with the flowers, but I’m glad I bullied myself into it:


On this picture you can see how dimensional they are… I had to tear the page out of my book to protect them from getting squished:

I really loved making these flowers, and as usual I got a little over excited and made about 200 spare petals, so no doubt I’ll be making some more textured florals soon!

Have a great weekend!

D x