Quirky Bingo

The latest Quirky Crafts challenge is up and running, and you have one week left to submit your entries. For this challenge Lyn has come up with a sketch and a bingo box, the sketch is optional but we have to use something from the bingo square:



I started out with the intention of using the sketch, but my muse took control and I ended up with something quite different:

aj page

From the Quirky Bingo box I used:

– Torn paper (which I’d painted previously) for the border

– Tin foil tape (yes that is a thing!) for the petals surrounding the angel

– Mock stitching for some added doodly fun

The angel is a digital stamp from Robyn’s Fetish (‘blissful angel’), and I coloured her in using felt-tips, pencil crayons and silver gel pens. And the journaling was done in one of my favourite things – correction fluid. This art journal page may not be some sort of masterpiece, but I do love how it turned out. The colour combination is making me very happy and it was just a very organic process… not a lot of thinking was allowed to interfere.

For more information/to link up your fabulous artistic endeavours check out the original challenge post and the reminder post.

See ya later guys,

D x



All about boys

It’s time for the next Quirky Crafts Challenge. This time we have to create something on the theme of boys, using ric-rac, buttons, ribbon and a sentiment. I’m not going to lie, I was dreading this one, if there are three things I NEVER use it’s ric-rac, buttons and ribbon. And I challenge you to find anything I’ve ever made that’s even remotely boyish!

I decided to just view this as a way to stretch my creativity… and here is what I did:

DSCN1639 DSCN1642 DSCN1643 DSCN1644

1. Stuck items with different textures to a piece of thick card. Used very strong glue and left to dry for an hour or so just to be on the safe side.

2. Covered the whole piece in a couple of coats of gesso. Allowed to dry over night.

3. Added lime green and white acrylic (in an attempt to avoid ‘girly’ colours).

4. Added some collage elements, blue tissue paper and then white tissue paper with a quote written on in sharpie (“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” – Eda J. Le Shan).

5. Final touches: stuck on a few aeroplanes I’d cut from stamped paper using a Cutting Cafe digital stamp as a template. I also added a border and few other doodles across the piece with a black pen, a white pen and a lime green brush marker.

Although I really wasn’t excited by the challenge at the start, I really love how this turned out. I definitely enjoyed experimenting outside of my comfort zone… check out this post to see what the rest of the Design Team/Guest Designers came up with, and I hope you’ll consider entering!

D x

A Quirky Mess!

Hi guys, it’s time for the latest Quirky Crafts Challenge! This time the challenge was set by Caro, and the rule is to get messy and stay away from those designer papers. For the original challenge post click here.

The first thing I made was this art journal page:


To make this ‘messy’ spread I layered acrylic paint, scraps of painted paper, india ink and the gorgeous ‘Paisley Elephant’ stamp from Bugaboo.

After that I became a production line and made eight cards with the ‘African Giraffe‘ from Squigglefly. I had so much fun with this I thought I’d share a quick tutorial with you.

First, grab a sheet of paper. I used an A3 sheet of sketchbook paper, nothing too expensive. Then start brushing acrylic paint across the page. Make patterns if you want, but don’t worry about making the page ‘go’, it should look haphazard. Once that layer is dry, stamp some left over paint onto the page. Use a couple of different stamps for a more eccentric look. Collect some random scraps of paper from your table and stick to the page. I use white PVA, one coat underneath and another on top. Let the page dry completely before you do anything else. Cut the sheet into pieces, I folded it into eight and trimmed down the folded edges to make pieces about the size of a standard cad blank:


Next, grab a pen or two and start adding doodles. Remember to use permanent ink if your paint is shiny (waterbased ink will just smudge). If you want to make your cards look like part of a ‘set’ add the same patterns and colours to each one, if not then just go with whatever you feel like:


Pick a bunch of focus images. These could be family photos or typed greetings or whatever you like, but I used these:


Finally, glue on your images, neaten up your edges and stick onto blank cards:


If feel like having a bit of messy fun, link your crafts up the challenge page and you could win one our three prizes!

D x

Rainy Days and Awesome Quotes

This has been a long week… I don’t know about you but I’m definitely ready for the weekend. If only I could be looking forward to a weekend of reruns and cupcakes rather than deadlines and laundry!
Today I thought I share a page or two inspired by a couple of One Year Art Journal prompts:

The first prompt I played around with was “drip some paints on your page, and share a little bit about what the perfect rainy day looks like to you”. This is what I came up with:


I started this page off in my usual way, by creating a spontaneous background from left over paint on my brush, palette or stamps. I constantly have 5-10 random backgrounds in my sketchbook, perfect for when I want to get stuck in! My next step was to scrawl everything I love to do on a rainy day using an inexpensive felt tip, I think it was a Crayola one. Then it felt like time for a bit of messing, so I sprayed some paint in random splotches and let it drip all over the place. After gathering some scraps of paper (mostly off the floor) I cut out some raindrops and pasted them to the page and (after letting the glue dry) I gave them an outline in black pen.

The second prompt was “find a quote you love and journal it”, I love using quotes in my art so it was quite hard to pick one… but after I came across the following quote on Pinterest I knew I just had to use it somewhere!


This began as another random background, born from my reluctance to waste any beautiful paint. The process of this page was massively simple… I grabbed a correction pen, a CD marker and a pencil crayon and added my quote (accompanied by the necessary doodles of course!). I also decided to add a border so there would be a little more balance across the page.

I’m sorry about the glare on these pics, the light was not cooperating with me this morning!

I hope you’ve all had a less stressful week than mine!

D x

A Supernatural Love Story

Today, my first ever Quirky Crafts Challenge has gone live, to see the details of the challenge and the awesome Design Team creations click here.

I made two things for this challenge, a card and an art journal page:


This was my attempt at a non-girly Valentine’s card. I printed out a couple of black and white photos of my old art journal pages, cut them into strips and randomly stuck them on a piece of card. Using a purple ink pad I smudged a bit of ink along the edges before adding the Goober digital stamp from Limited Runs. Goober was coloured in using watercolour paints and prismacolor pencils for definition.


As usual, this art journal page is made up of lots of layers:
1. Scrapings of leftover acrylic paint from my palette.
2. A watercolour wash.
3. The lyrics from a song from The Little Mermaid scrawled across the page in gel pen.
4. Prints made from dipping bubble wrap in acrylic.
5. A digital stamp from Limited Runs (‘Coral’) coloured using watercolour.
6. Finishing touches- coloured pencils to add detail to my mermaid and a border to the rest of the page.

I had a lot of fun with this theme (well I should, it was my idea!), and I really hope you’ll consider joining in with this one!

D x

A Quirky Box of Chocolates

Hello all, it’s time for another Quirky Crafts Challenge. This time the theme is ‘a box of chocolates’ and the rules are – use the colours chocolate and cream and don’t not use any digital stamps.

Here is the art journal page I created:


The first layer of the background was a quote on chocolate that made me smile: “Don’t wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. Chocolate isn’t like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant. And it always feels good.” – Lora Brody. This was topped with water soluble doodles and drips of watered down acrylic (in an attempt to emulate melted chocolate). The collaged portions are chocolate wrappers that I found down the side of my bed (no judgement please), and the page is finished off with a stamp from Crackerbox Palace.

To see the original challenge post, click here, and if you’d like to join in we’d love to see what you come up with!

D x

Whimsical Checklist

As promised, here’s the step-by-step instructions for my whimsical reading checklist:

1, created for the Quirky Crafts ‘Rainbow Bright’ challenge. Find a surface any surface. I used a piece of brown paper that was inside a roll of wrapping paper.

2. Cover in paint. I dripped some magenta and some metallic red acrylic on my paper, then spread over with a foam brush:


3. Add collage elements. You could use anything from photos, to images from magazines to your own drawings. I used images that I’d stamped on separate sheets of paper with acrylic paint and the ‘I’m so busy’ digital stamp from Stitchy Bear (which I coloured with Prismacolor pencils):


4. Add doodles to bring all the elements together. I added patterns using acrylic paint, and then added outlines with a black gel pen. Bear in mind that a gel pen on top of such a shiny surface will not give you a constant line, but I was going for a ‘sketchy’ look, so that was fine with me:


5. Add your list! I used the ‘stained glass snail’ digital stamp from Stitchy Bear, mounted on black paper, for the bullet points and then correction pen for the scrawling:


6. The final touches – add any extra doodles you fancy. I simply outlined my lettering with a cd marker so that it would pop off the multicoloured background:


I’m hoping that having this on my wall for the next year will keep me motivated with the reading challenge… as sometimes I start of very enthusiastically but get bored quick… so tell me, how do you keep yourself motivated?

D x