Playful Self Portraits

The page I’d like to share with you today is a response to Jane Davies‘ bonus Life Book lesson:



This one was quite fun to do as a ‘warm-up’, on an evening that I wasn’t feeling very creative. The background was a scraping of left over paint from quite a while ago, and the rest was a combination of collage, permanent markers and dimensional paint. Do I love it? No. Does it show any real artistic skill? No. Do I want a hat like that? Yes please.

To be honest the ‘collage body building’ is something I’ve done before, and I definitely prefer it when my face isn’t involved… and my fave lessons tend to be the ones that show me something I’d never have thought of on my own.

I’ll be linking this page up to Art Journal Every Day – don’t forget to hop over and check out the (much more gorgeous) artwork!

D x


Embracing All of You

Happy Friday everyone! And it is a Happy Friday for me – I’ve just had the complete Sky package installed so I have two blissful days ahead, crammed with unlimited box-sets and crime dramas. Heaven! I’ll also be hosting my first ever party in honour of the boyfriend’s birthday (Sunday) which I’m very excited about. Think homemade tacos and jelly shots…

Anyway, today I wanted to share an art journal page from Life Book, the online art course hosted by the magnificent Tam.



This is from one of the lessons of the great lady herself, and is focused around accepting the less delightful parts of your character.

As always there are things that I love, and things that I really don’t. The background has so many layers that can barely be seen in this photo, and I just adore it! The colour palette is a bit wackadoodle, but that’s what I was feeling at the time so I’m not going to complain. The part I’m not too keen on is the figure… these whimsical, doll-like figures are not really ‘me’. I prefer slightly messy, abstracted, doodled on people, but it was fun try out a new style!

Did I mention I now have a designated art room? This makes me so giddy!! For the first time ever I don’t have to hide my art supplies in boxes or under furniture… luxury!

So have you done anything creative this week? (If you have, you should consider linking up to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Art Journal Every Day post)

D x

Life Book Faces

Some art journal pages are like stand-alone works of art, other are pure experimentation… playing with alternative subject matter or new materials. My latest Life Book page falls into the second category. The instructor for this lesson was Danita, and she showed us a technique using gesso, water-soluble crayons and magazine images. I’ve only just added gesso and water-soluble crayons to my art corner, so it was good to get a bit of practice using them… I really like the effect of blending the crayons with gesso, I’ll definitely use that on future artyness.

This is the page I created:


I used an ad from a magazine as the base for this, some artists would call that cheating but I disagree. If Frida Kahlo could do, I can do it! Sometimes if you’re feeling really uninspired, doing a bit of ‘cutting and sticking’ really helps spark an idea or two, and if you’re not too confident with drawing things from scratch (especially faces) then this technique might give you the boost you need.

Have a great weekend, it can’t come quickly enough for me!

D x

One Year Art Journal

As you know, one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to a little bit in my art journal every day. Sometimes that’s easy; I can crank out 3 or 4 pages in one sitting. Sometimes it’s not so easy… and that’s why I like to take part in weekly or biweekly challenges like Fall Fearless and Fly.

Sadly, Fall Fearless and Fly is coming to an end, so I’ve had to go on the hunt for a new one. Luckily, I happened to come across the first set of prompts from ‘a year in the life of an art journal‘. It seems perfect, especially as my ocd likes me start things at the beginning… I don’t love coming in half way through…

So here is the first set of prompts:
New Year’s resolutions or ONE WORD. Do you make New Year’s resolutions, or take part in the ONE WORD project?
Use watercolours on your page to emulate your word… (if you don’t have watercolours, watered down acrylic paint will do just fine.) use colour to convey that word and what it means to you. While your paint is WET, sprinkle salt on it, and let it sit. When your paint is dry, brush off the salt.

Here is the page I created based on the prompt:

I used watersoluble crayons on the surface to write my word, and then embellished with doodles and journaling. It’s not the most art journal page I’ve ever done BUT I was just experimenting with my brand new Neocolor II’s to see how they’d interact with a bunch of other pens. I’ll probably cut it up and use it in another arty project at some point.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

D x