The Briefest of Updates


You may have noticed my absence over the past week or so, and I feel I should explain. Last weekend I moved, which means I’m currently residing in that special circle of hell known as the-period-in-between-cancelling-your-old-internet-and-getting-it-installed-again. It’s trying, but I firmly believe challenges such as these are character building.

But on to more exciting things… I HAVE A HOUSE. I’ve refrained from talking about it as much as I could have (because I didn’t want to jinks it) but I am officially a homeowner! It’s all very scary and very exciting (and very tiring!). I promise to share some pictures with you soon! I’m just hoping to wade through this sea of boxes before sharing my home with the world!

In other news I’ve also been embarking on some exciting writing projects, but I’m keeping it zipped for now, and I’m also working on something else that is TOP SECRET for now, but will be revealed over the next couple of months…

I have lots of the usual arty and bookish things for you too, but unfortunately these are on standby until I get my internet up and running again. This is scheduled for the 30th, so the end is in sight! I should be back to my normal patterns after this involuntary blogging break, but please don’t forget about me while I’m gone!

D x

P.S. Also, this is the first (and probably biggest) thing I’ve managed to cross of my list of 52 Things, so go me!


Happy Birthday, Baby

Baby being me! Today is the day I turn 22!

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of ’25 before 25′ and ’30 before 30′ posts and it strikes me I could do something similar, there are a lot of things I keep thinking about doing, but I just seem to push them to the back of my mind… Some of these things are teeny, and some are absolute whoppers, but I’m giving myself three years from today to get it all done… fingers crossed that’ll be enough time!

I also feel like there should be some sort of incentive… like for everything I don’t manage to do I have to forfeit something? I’m not sure what though… any ideas?

Anyway, here’s that list of mine:

Buy a house

Design a colouring book

Run an online workshop

Make perfect macarons

Travel somewhere outside of Europe

Adopt a dog (or maybe a cat)

Try 10 different kinds of tea

Dye my hair a radical colour

Read 5 Dickens novels

Learn how to use a sewing machine

Host a dinner party

Make a patchwork quilt

Write a book

Customise/upcycle 15 pieces of unloved clothing

See some Shakespeare onstage

Complete an embroidery

Go to a festival

Have a handmade Christmas

Try fondue

Design a deck of tarot cards

Take a life drawing class

Learn the mambo

Do a charity run

Go to a blogger meet-up

Read every book I own

Try 10 new cocktails

Pimp my horrible bedroom furniture

Test out all the workout DVD’s I’ve been hoarding

Spend a day at the spa


Visit 5 new British cities

Set up an Etsy store

Go camping

Learn to drive

Cook (and blog about) two recipes from every cook book I own

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Get promoted

Eat at 10 new restaurants (not including takeaways)

Do some sort of collaborative blogging project

Work on feeling (and looking) healthier (if this leads to dropping a dress size I won’t complain)

Watch 52 documentaries

Complete a month-long ‘sketch a day’ challenge

So those are the fifty-two things I’ll be trying to do over the next thirty-six months… what do you think? Achievable? If you have any tips or suggestions on how the hell I can get all this done, don’t be shy, leave me a comment!

D x

P.S. I’ll create a new page to help keep track of my progress, so come back to see how I’m doing! If you fancy joining me along the way, then do! I’d love the company!