The Sign of Four

(Apologies for my absence- bridesmaid duties, a new job and the flu have been keeping me busy. Not to mention those damn TMAs that keep popping up!)

I challenge you to find one person on this planet who does not like Sherlock Holmes. Our TVs and cinema screens have been full of him for decades. I’m particularly enjoying the Robert Downey Jr/Benedict Cumberbatch versions at the moment- although I do feel kind of like a traitor as they both offer ‘alternative’ interpretations to the pipe smoking Victorian gentleman. I think my favourite ever on-screen rendition of the super-sleuth has to be the Rupert Everett one, fab!

I’ve never seen a TV version of The Sign of Four. I know there is one… it was on ITV3 a few weeks ago, but I just couldn’t stick it out! By inserting adverts before, after and during every scene they’d managed to drag it on for about 3 hours- I don’t think it even took me that long to read the book.

This really just served to reinforce my belief that you should always read the book. I’ve been telling siblings and classmates for years that you can’t just watch the film… IT’S NOT THE SAME!!!

Arthur Conan Doyle really does have a knack for storytelling; I’m not surprised he was so popular back in the day. His work is just so supremely readable! And the sense of whimsy, adventure and romance just adds to this. Having said that, I don’t think The Sign of Four is as amazing as some of other Sherlock Holmes stories. I think maybe the thing that put me off is the way imperialistic racism seems to worm its way in… you might think this is weird coming from someone whose favourite book is Gone With the Wind, but I just don’t think I was expecting it from Sherlock.

There was one slightly frustrating thing about this book… I couldn’t work out whodunit! I know tat that’s the point… only Sherlock is capable of solving the mystery but still…

I actually wish I had an assignment on this book; I think I’d find it so much more interesting to write about but hey ho maybe in the exam… I know one thing for sure, I’ll be making it my mission to read more Sherlock Holmes books (and see the films, after) .