Non Fic November


Cookery books. Memoirs. Text books. True crime. Investigative journalism. Biographies. Manuals. Reference books. Travel guides. Magazine articles. Book reviews. Self-help books. Atlases. Encyclopaedia. Blog posts. What do all these things have in common?

They are all forms of non-fiction.

Now, as you’ll all know by now, I love reading. But as you’ll also have noticed, I read almost exclusively novels, despite having many many works of non-fiction on my bookshelves. It seems from my twitter/blogging chats that a lot of you are in the same boat – we want to read all of the factual stuff that fascinates it, but just never get round to it.

So over the course of November 2013, a few blogging friends and I spent 30 days celebrating works of non-fiction. And (just because I thought all these posts were so great) I decided to dedicate a page to them… which is great news if you’re joining us after the fact!

I hope you’ll consider checking out one or two of these posts, because they’re all definitely worth a read:

An Introduction to Non Fic November

Daire’s Non Fic November Reading List

Review: Coal to Diamonds by Beth Ditto

Julie vs Julia and Why Beth Loves It

Pangs (An Extract of Life Writing)

Book Chat: Non Fiction (by Jessica)

Book Chat: Non Fiction (by Me)

When Truth is Stranger than Fiction

The Things I Hate About Non Fiction

Holocaust Fiction – Inspired by Fact

Review: The Burglar Caught by a Skeleton

Review: Jigsaw Man

Beth’s Favourite Autobiographies

The Death of the Novel

A Documentary Update

Non Fic On Screen: Film Adaptations

On Parenting Manuals

Review: Granny is my Wingman

Gabby’s True Story

What Daire Managed to Read…

And it would seem that we weren’t the only ones enjoying a bit of non-fiction over the past month… I’ve also ferreted out a few more posts for your enjoyment:

Why is Anjelica Huston’s Biography so Unsatisfying? (even though I’m slightly hoping it’s not true),

Review: Books, Read it and Die on one of my favourite book blogs of all time,

Review: My Life by David Jason from a #BEDM friend of mine,

Favourite Non-Fiction Reads by Doing Dewey

And then some great fiction/non-fiction pairings on Regular Rumination.

Enjoy! Now… back to the novels!

D x



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